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Schwartz Holds Press Conference with Commissioner Richards, Senator Lautenberg

Press Conference

Location: Unknown

Congresswoman Schwartz made remarks today during a press conference with County Commissioner Leslie Richards and Senator Frank Lautenberg to highlight the stark differences between President Obama's vision for middle class America and the Romney-Ryan plan for this country:

Thank you all for joining us here today.

It is my pleasure to stand before you today with Senator Lautenberg who I have worked with for many years and has dedicated his life to improving this great country.

And I am of course thrilled to be joined here by my friend, Montgomery County Commissioner Leslie Richards.

I am happy to be here today to talk about the two different visions President Obama and Mitt Romney have for this country and the choice that voters have come November.

Mitt Romney has chosen a running mate who would not only privatize Social Security, but would also raise taxes for the middle class, turn Medicare into a voucher program and cut investments in education, infrastructure, and important veterans programming, all to fund massive tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires like Mitt Romney.

Romney and Ryan are campaigning on the platform that these tax cuts for the wealthy will produce a stronger economy.

We know this is not true.

We have tried these trickle down economic theories before, and they don't work.

Ryan claims this is the only way to reduce the deficit, but I have worked with him on the budget committee and seen him time and again vote against other more balanced approaches to balancing the budget.

He and Romney refuse to ask the wealthiest to pay their fair share, but they don't seem to have the same concerns about policies that ask the middle class to bear so much of the burden, policies that increase seniors' costs by thousands of dollars, and slash funding for important middle class programs.

President Obama is fighting to protect our seniors and veterans and strongly opposes turning essential programs like Medicare and Social Security into voucher programs, or leaving them up to the stock market.

President Obama also eliminated subsidies to insurance companies and cut waste and fraud, extending the life of Medicare by eight years and strengthens benefits for Medicare recipients.

Mitt Romney has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would be a huge step backward for the 2.3 million Pennsylvania seniors who rely on Medicare, and would leave the next generation of seniors without the system that they have spent their working lives contributing to and counting on.

Another group that suffers under the Ryan budget is students.

Romney and Ryan would reduce funding for critical education programs at every level, cutting funding for head start and K -- 12 education and putting a college education out of reach for millions of students.

I will now turn it over to my friend, Senator Lautenberg to speak more about the impact on seniors.

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