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Congressman Bob Gibbs Visits Local Small Businesses


Location: Lakeville, OH

The following is a quote from Congressman Gibbs:

"Today I was able to visit four small businesses in the Oberlin and Avon areas: General Plug, JBC Technologies, Chemtron and Avon Oaks Senior Care Facility. It was a pleasure meeting these small business owners, many of whom run their successful companies alongside hardworking family members. Hearing their concerns for the future regarding the deficit, regulations, healthcare and the future of their families' well being was troubling."

"The burdensome and unnecessary red tape that the Obama Administration has placed on America's small businesses is stifling our economy and these important job creators' ability to grow their businesses. Without their willingness to take the risk and create these companies, our country would not be where it is today. At a time when we are experiencing the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression, the President's agenda is holding these businesses back from infusing new jobs into our economy and getting America back to work."

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