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WTRF - Ohio Congressional Candidate Charlie Wilson Holds Town Hall Meeting in Belmont County

News Article

Location: Bellaire, OH

By Dan Mayeres

Medicare has become the hot topic discussion in healthcare issue in this year's elections. Ohio Congressional Candidate Charlie Wilson brought the issue to Belmont County.

Wilson hosted a town hall meeting at the Country Club Center just outside of Bellaire. The candidate discussed the state of medicare and Social Security, as well as legislation that Wilson says will have a direct impact on senior citizens access to affordable health care.

"It is very hard for these people because they are not wealthy people," said Wilson. "If they had to pay 6,000 more per year the majority of them could not do it. So that's what we are trying to get them to see,that this is some thing that is being proposed to privatize Medicare, which I don't think is in there benefit in any way."

"What we see is one candidate that has a 100 percent voting record on issues that are most important to seniors and another candidate, that being Congressman Johnson who has voted for proposals in the Ryan budget to privatize Medicare and also repeal current benefits that Medicare recipients are receiving," said Philip Rotondi of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

Christyn Keyes, National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman, responded to Wilson, "The only candidate in this race who voted to cut Medicare is Charlie Wilson who took $700 billion from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare."

Wilson spoke for about 30 minutes then opened the floor to questions from those in attendance.

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