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Latta Statement on the Romney/Ryan Plan for Energy Independence


Location: Bowling Green, OH

Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH) made the following statement after the announcement of the Romney/Ryan Plan for Energy Independence that will:

Create more than three million new jobs, including over one million in manufacturing;
Provide an economic resurgence adding more than $500 billion to GDP;
Establish a stronger dollar and a reduced trade deficit;
Generate more than $1 trillion in revenue for federal, state, and local governments;
Lower energy prices for job creators and middle-class families; and
Strengthen national security by freeing ourselves from dependence on foreign energy supplies.

"Today, Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan laid out a bold strategy to secure America's energy independence, grow our economy, and create jobs by taking advantage of our vast domestic natural resources. As the only Ohioan serving on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, I have seen first-hand the benefits of ensuring that we have a safe and reliable energy infrastructure that provides good, high-paying jobs to people here at home rather than sending our economic resources to countries abroad. Furthermore, we can provide new life to our manufacturing sector by empowering state governments to establish sound regulatory frameworks and igniting the ingenuity of the private sector to drive investment in this sector of our economy. I support the Romney/Ryan Plan for Energy Independence and look forward to working with them to enact a real and comprehensive national energy policy."

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