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Utahns Aren't Fooled by Partisan Politics, Untrue Statements About Matheson


Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Congressman Jim Matheson had the following response to the mischaracterizations made about his record by Washington D.C. partisans who held a town hall today in West Valley City:

"It's ironic that they gathered not far from where my great-grandmother Fairbourne lived on her small farm, and tried to tell Utahns about me -- a sixth-generation Utahn.

As it is an election year, I'm not surprised that the misstatements and falsehoods have begun. Utahns know me, they know my record and they know that I am an independent voice who does what is right for my state.

That means that I have voted for a balanced budget amendment, cutting federal spending, capping federal spending and reducing waste and fraud. I am proud that together with thousands of Utah citizens, I have stood up to and held the federal government accountable for everything from polluting the Colorado River to attempting to restart testing at the Nevada Test Site. I consistently opposed the health care law and I voted to repeal Obamacare.

The other side is all about party, and partisan politics. I am about listening to Utahns, looking for good ideas from all sides and then rolling up my sleeves to get something done. That's the true choice in this race."

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