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Dear Congresswoman Hochul…

Press Release

Location: Clarence, NY

In the wake of Kathy Hochul's false claim that small business owner Chris Collins has not created or saved jobs in the private sector, Collins today invited Kathy Hochul to a personal tour of each of his companies to visit and talk with the 622 employees whose jobs Collins created or saved.

On Tuesday, Kathy Hochul publicly challenged Collins record of creating or saving jobs, in response to Collins' first television ad. The Collins campaign ad touts Chris Collins record of saving or creating over 500 American jobs, including closing a factory in Mexico and moving the jobs to Buffalo.

Kathy Hochul issued a "fact sheet" claiming Collins did not create any jobs, and in fact cut jobs at some of his companies. The Hochul claim was so egregious that WGRZ-TV 2, a local Buffalo NBC affiliate, issued a "Truth Test" and rejected the Hochul claims, determining that Collins claims were "True".

"I realize that as a public sector millionaire and someone who has never created a job in the private sector, Kathy may not understand what it takes to create jobs. I hope she'll join me on a personal tour of every one of my companies to have her talk to the folks whose jobs were saved or created because of what we built in the private sector," said Collins.

"Kathy Hochul's record as a political patronage appointee makes it tough for her to understand how the real world works. So that's why I am inviting her on a tour of all my companies, so she can see how jobs are actually created in the private sector, and how her record of embracing Barack Obama's agenda of higher taxes, more spending and more regulations is crushing small businesses," said Collins.

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