Buerkle Campaign Touts Record of Cosponsoring Bill that Evoked Todd Akin's Remarks

Press Release

By:  Dan Maffei
Date: Aug. 23, 2012
Location: Syracuse, NY

Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle still has not repudiated Congressman Todd Akin's appalling claims about rape four days after initially being urged to do so. Her campaign manager told the Wall Street Journal Wednesday that "Ann Marie Buerkle's record speaks for itself." Congresswoman Buerkle is in fact on the record as a cosponsor of the original Bill which Todd Akin himself admits was the basis for his appalling remarks.

Congressman Akin said Monday of his controversial remarks that "I was talking about forcible rape" and "I used the wrong word." The Bill in question, H.R. 3 in its original form attempted to redefine rape as "forcible rape'. Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle's record does in fact speak for itself. It is a record of working alongside Congressman Todd Akin to redefine rape.

"Congresswoman Buerkle should repudiate Congressman Akin's claims immediately as so many others around the state have done already. This should not be a partisan issue." said Congressional Candidate Dan Maffei. "Buerkle also needs to explain her and Congressman Todd Akin's attempts to redefine rape in Federal law. To imply that a rape, under any circumstances, is anything else is just plain wrong."

Background and References:

Congressman Todd Akin clarified his original appalling remarks by stating that what he meant to say was "forcible rape" and that he "used the wrong word". [Slate.com - 8/20/2012]

Congresswoman Buerkle cosponsored the original version of H.R. 3 which evoked Congressman Akin's appalling remarks. [Library of Congress -- 112th Congress H.R. 3]

H.R. 3 in its original form attempts to redefine rape as "forcible rape'. [Library of Congress - 112th H.R. 3 - SEC. 309.]

Congresswoman Buerkle's campaign manager told the Wall Street Journal Wednesday that "Ann Marie Buerkle's record speaks for itself" instead of repudiating Congressman Akin's claims. [Wall Street Journal - 8/22/2012]

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