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Bill Owens' Tax Dollar Giveaway

Press Release

Location: Plattsburgh, NY

Got a new job, but feel you're underpaid?

Don't fear: Congressman Bill Owens is here, giving out taxpayer money so you get the wage you believe you deserve.

Owens proposed in the Plattsburgh Press Republican this week that "if a guy was making $12 per hour, but can only find a job that pays $8 per hour, we [government] would pay the difference."

"My opponent's support for the Obama agenda of more federal spending and higher taxes is a good reason why national unemployment has remained over 8 percent for the last 42 months," said Doheny, the Republican, Independence and Conservative parties' candidate in the 21st Congressional District. "In Bill Owens' district, there's 5,200 more unemployed people now than when he went to Washington. His nutty plan to put people back to work would require either increasing unemployment taxes on businesses or adding to our $16 trillion debt."

The candidate continued: "This idea is completely unworkable. If a person making $35 per hour were laid off and wanted to take a minimum wage job, does Bill Owens honestly believe that government should pay the $27 per hour difference? Is that fair to his or her colleagues, who are doing the same work for one-fifth the pay? And how long does Bill Owens propose we pay this person - the entire 79 weeks the person may have remained on unemployment?"

Doheny concluded: "I've talked to dozens of business owners during my recent '50 Businesses, 50 Days' tour. Many of them have told me of our challenges with unemployment. But all have agreed that what we need is real growth, the kind that comes from keeping taxes low, stopping overregulation and reining in health care costs. My opponent's solution is to provide more generous benefits to people who are actually working! We can do much better."

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