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Owens' Jobs Sham


Location: Glens Falls, NY

Bill Owens' latest attempt to distract from his lousy jobs record is to promise to "recruit jobs from Canada."

"My opponent is hiding from the fact that we have 5,276 more people unemployed now in his district than we did when he took office," said Matt Doheny, the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties' candidate. "He's now scrambling to save his job, so he's hucked a Hail Mary toward Canada."

Doheny continued: "Bill Owens has been in office for three years. Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs he supposedly recruited from Canada? Where are the jobs from the United States?"

The candidate concluded: "Bill Owens' support for the Obama anti-growth agenda of higher taxes, more regulation and more mandates provides a tremendous disincentive to creating jobs right here in New York state. That's why I'm committed to lowering taxes, reining in unnecessary and costly regulations and reducing mandates while being a faithful 'salesman-in-chief' for this district, so that we can bring jobs here from other states and other countries."

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