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Doheny: The People Come First

Press Release

Location: Glens Falls, NY

Matt Doheny believes a member of Congress has three main responsibilities: vote in a way that serves the best interests of your district and your country; be the "salesman in chief" to attract people and business to your district; and provide outstanding constituent service.

"Voters should know what type of service they can expect from me and my staff when I'm elected," said Doheny, the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties' candidate in the 21st Congressional District. "That's why I'm laying out my plan for service that is accessible, personal and responsive."

As congressman, Doheny will:

Have a congressional office in all 12 counties in the district.
"This district is more than 16,500 square miles. Why should I ask a person to drive more than an hour to visit their congressional office when they need help?" Doheny asked.
Hold a one-hour town hall meeting in all 194 towns in the district during his first term.
"A congressman must be accountable to his constituents. What better way than to come to their hometown and spend an hour talking to them about their concerns?" Doheny said.
Provide a personalized response to every inquiry.
"Many people have expressed their frustration with getting a canned response when they write, call or e-mail my opponent's office. I believe that every problem and concern is an important one. That's why I promise you'll receive a personalized response from someone on my staff in a reasonable period of time," said Doheny.
Doheny said he will accomplish all of this while spending less than his opponent for one main reason: He has pledged to spend nothing on franked mail, while his opponent has spent more than one-half million dollars in taxpayer money to promote himself.

"Franked mail is nothing more than campaign propaganda thinly disguised as constituent outreach," said Doheny. "I think it's wrong and I won't use it. Instead, I'll provide great customer service by employing great people, not by spamming people's mailboxes."

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