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Blog: 82 Days and Counting!


Location: Unknown

There are only 82 days left until the most important election of our time: the Democrats, on one side, are led by President Obama and Vice President "Crazy" Joe Biden, while the Republicans are led by Mitt Romney and Paul "I can fix it" Ryan.

You are caught in the middle of this critical battle.

The outcome of this election lies in your hands. President Obama has tried to change this county, but his attempts have been in vain. He has not bettered our economy; in fact, the United States of America is slowly dwindling into a fiscal disaster. Do you want another four years of that? Neither do I.

Your other option is Mitt Romney. He is a strong business man who has built his own wealth and wants change as well. His change, however, is promising and his thoughts are trustworthy. He wants to control national spending and stimulate the economy in a way that would resurrect America's financial glory.

These are only some of the issues that you, the voter, will juggle in your mind as you place your vote in November.

There are congressional seats that need to be filled. One in particular was held by the Honorable Edolphus Towns. Mr. Towns has recently retired in order to spend more time with his family. Due to an occurrence of redistricting, the congressional district also includes what was Bob Turner's district. He moved on to unsuccessfully run for Senate.

Our district, the 8th congressional district, covers many areas within Brooklyn and Queens. Therefore, it would be nearly impossible for me to get to know each and every one of you. The same applies to my opponent, Hakeem Jeffries.

I am putting this out to any community group, organization, or faction that would like to see both Mr. Jeffries and myself in one arena answering questions about our ideas on how to revive our crumpling nation. I have an open schedule through September and October to make appointments. You can ask the questions that you want answered and see whose ideas best suit your needs.

Since we are both running for Congress, the seat we are running for is vital. Your vote will count regardless of the outcome of the Presidency. It is important that you understand where the both of us stand on the issues that are important to you, our communities, and our country.

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting all of you.


Alan Bellone

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