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Blog: Sense and Sensibility -- A Fresh Approach to Gun Ownership


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On July 20, 2012, a horrible shooting happened that once again put Colorado in the national and world headlines. A mentally crazed young man went into a movie theater in a premeditated fashion and fired into a crowd of children, adults, families. A few weeks later there was a mass shooting at Wisconsin Sikh temple, killing six people. Even this morning headlines are barreling through the internet news feeds: "Several people shot outside Empire State Building." These events shake people throughout their cities and states, leaving some sitting and staring off trying to understand what happened… trying to make sense of senseless violence.

We have to voice our feelings after such traumatic events. It's part of the healing process. But we also have to talk about what is happening from a public policy perspective. I think we are all intelligent enough to understand that the majority of pro-gun rights supporters don't condone the Aurora, Wisconsin, or Empire shooting. I think we are also intelligent enough to understand that the majority of gun control supporters don't want to ban all guns from all American citizens and remove all ammunition from the local sportsman stores. There are extreme voices out there, for sure. But there are also plenty of sensible people out there who should be joining a national debate on the topic of gun control.

Our government leaders -- up to the highest levels -- have to take the lead on this national debate. But almost across the board on both sides of the aisle, few challengers and even less incumbents want anything to do with this topic. As leaders -- as in, those who are elected to lead our country, representing our constituents -- we have to address the issues! I'm not sure what the other candidates are doing, but I am running for U.S. Congress. I owe it to my potential constituents to be clear and exact in my position on gun control.

To put it simply, not all guns are created equally. We limit the sale of dynamite because of the potential of a large amount of people being hurt. The hunters I know don't use Glocks. The hunters I know don't go into the field looking for elk while wearing bulletproof vests. The hunters I know don't use automatic rifles to take down a few ducks or pheasants.

We need to apply some sense to gun ownership. Technology in firearms has obviously increased since the drafting of the Bill of Rights. Society and the stability and presence of government in our lives have changed since the drafting of the Bill of Rights.

The revisiting and modernization of these policies is not an attack on our founding fathers or our constitution. It's a realization that the world has changed.

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