Kyrillos Addressing New Jersey Delegation: "Menendez' Years of Putting Politics Before People are Numbered"

Press Release

By:  Joe Kyrillos, Jr.
Date: Aug. 30, 2012
Location: Tampa, FL

With less than 70 days until the polls open November 6th, Senator Joe Kyrillos energized New Jersey Republicans this morning as he addressed the delegation at their breakfast meeting in St. Petersburg.

Senator Kyrillos discussed the accomplishments he is proud to share with Governor Chris Christie, like working to pass bipartisan teacher tenure reform, overhauling the pension system, and passing balanced budgets without raising taxes. He talked about his jobs plan that aims to lower tax rates, provide businesses incentives to grow, and make America competitive again by removing burdensome and unnecessary government regulations.

"I look forward to comparing my record with Bob Menendez'. I am running on a record of fiscal responsibility and protecting New Jerseyans from $11.9 billion in new taxes. Bob Menendez is making this election about everything but his record because his record is abysmal. He has supported higher taxes on New Jersey's middle class families, policies that have left millions unemployed and skyrocketing debt that is robbing our children of their future. Bob Menendez' days of putting politics ahead of people are numbered and together will bring the bipartisan spirit of reform to Washington, DC. We want to make sure the last century, the American century, wasn't an historical accident."

New Jersey has played a large role in this year's Republican National Convention. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was honored to be the keynote speaker, and it was the 50 electoral votes cast by New Jersey's delegates that put Governor Mitt Romney over the top as the party's official Presidential nominee.

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