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Kyrillos Tax Policy Statements Send Wrong Message on Our Economy


Location: Dayton, NJ

Twelfth Congressional District Republican nominee and small businessman Eric Beck today released the following statement in reaction to U.S. Senate nominee and fellow Republican Sen. Joe Kyrillos' comments on potential tax increases:

"I like Joe. I respect him. I will definitely be voting for him as our next United States Senator. But I disagree with his recent statement on raising taxes.
"We need to talk about growing the economy and creating jobs, not raising taxes.

"Simply raising taxes on the rich will not bring in more money or help fix our economy. The debate being forced by those on the far left about raising taxes versus not raising taxes ignores the real problem facing our country. The real conversation needs to be about comprehensive tax reform. That's how we are going to encourage entrepreneurs and small businesses to start investing and creating jobs.

"The small businesses that will drive our economic recovery will generate more tax revenue once they are growing and thriving like they have done in the past. First, we need to get government off their backs. Then we can have a robust economy which will create jobs and grow our tax base."

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