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Canseco Won't Get National Spotlight to Highlight Extreme Positions

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As a result of scheduling changes to the Republican National Convention forced by concerns over the path of Hurricane Isaac, Quico Canseco will not give a speech to convention attendees as originally planned. Given Quico's extremist positions on Medicare and issues important to the middle class,it's not difficult to imagine what Quico would have said.

"Too bad the nation won't get to watch Congressman Canseco reading his extreme and out-of touch positions to the entire country," said Gallego for Congress campaign manager Anthony Gutierrez."Any spotlight on Quico works to our benefit, and Quico would have probably just read off his voting record. Canseco just parrots what people like Paul Ryan and Todd Akin say - even when it`s bad for Texas. For example, Canseco supports turning Medicare into a voucher program and shifting those costs to seniors and the middle class."

For those who can't wait until Paul Ryan's speech on Wednesday to hear what Quico's speech would have sounded like, we've include the text of what Quico would have likely said below:

"Thank you for having me. It`s an honor to be here tonight at the convention that every moderate Republican leader in the country has avoided.

Our Party platform, which is perhaps the most extreme platform in history, sums up so many of my own core beliefs.

For example, I strongly believe that Medicare as we know it should end. Weshould turn the entire thing into a voucher program, even though that will make health coverage more expensive and out of reach for all but the most well off seniors.

I fully endorse Arizona`s discriminatory and inhumane immigration law, even though the Supreme Court has already declared it unconstitutional.

And finally, I believe that people like me who live lavish lifestyles, deserve more tax breaks and that those tax breaks should be paid for by shifting the burden to middle-class families.

Thank you again for having me. Make sure to stop by my hospitality suite later to visit with me and some like-minded folks like Paul Ryan and Todd Akin. Goodnight Tampa."


Paul Ryan's plan would use deep budget cuts to help pay for tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

The Ryan budget would turn Medicare into a voucher program. Over time, traditional Medicare would wither on the vine, risking the guaranteed coverage seniors have earned and paid for.
The Ryan Budget would reduce total Pell grants by about $200 billion over the next decade; let interest rates for Stafford loans to double; end student loan interest subsidies for those still in school; and make Pell spending discretionary.

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