Mourdock Corrects the Record on Medicare Reform; Reid Will Say or Do Anything to Buy Indiana Senate Seat


By:  Richard Mourdock
Date: Aug. 21, 2012
Location: Indianapolis, IN

The campaign of Indiana State Treasurer and GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock released the following statement in response to a new television ad sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's political action committee, the Majority PAC.

"In typical Washington fashion, this ad scares seniors by distorting the truth," said Mourdock . "I won't support reform that cuts entitlements for folks 55 years and older. But, the Obama-Reid-Donnelly plan is already cutting $716 billion from Medicare as we speak."

Mourdock has called for long term reform that will improve the sustainability of the Medicare and Social Security programs for those 55 and younger, while increasing the federal investment in the program in the near term to give those 55 and older the benefits they were promised. Recently, the CBO revised upward by nearly 50 percent the affect the legislation will have on the Medicare program.

"Mr. Reid wants another vote in the US Senate," said Mourdock, "And he knows he won't get it from me. Apparently, he'll say and do anything --including lying about my views and scaring seniors --- to buy this seat with big, out of state dollars and sad distortions." Rep. Joe Donnelly joined Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in passing health care legislation that will cut over $716 billion from Medicare, while the plan I embrace protects seniors 55 and older and makes these programs sound for future generations.

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