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Shelli Yoder Statement on Todd Akin "Legitimate Rape' Comments


Location: Unknown

As I traveled through the 9th District over the past few days, Hoosiers -- men and women, of all political persuasions -- have repeatedly shared their disgust over Todd Akin's comments about "legitimate rape." I am equally disgusted.

Does Todd Young's silence suggest that he shares Congressman Akin's outrageous views?

Todd Young and Todd Akin co-sponsored H.R. 3, which originally proposed a distinction between "rape" and "forcible rape."

There is no distinction. Rape is by definition forcible.

Mr. Young must explain why he joined Mr. Akin in endorsing such language.

Regardless of Mr. Young's explanation, this controversy reveals the failure of this Congress. Mr. Young and his allies have simply refused to tackle the critical issues of the day.

The 9th District needs more jobs. Our middle class shrinks by the day. College tuition and health care expenses are out of control. Yet members of Congress -- men like Todd Akin and Todd Young -- waste time and tax dollars pushing a narrow agenda.

The 9th District deserves better.

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