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Yoder Questions Young's Lack of Response to Debate Challenge


Location: Unknown

Shelli Yoder, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Indiana's 9th District, today called on her opponent to get serious about debating.

Exactly one month ago -- on July 28 -- Yoder challenged Todd Young to join her for 13 town-hall debates, one in each county in the 9th District. After calling the challenge "political theater," Young's campaign has yet to commit to a single debate.

"People in the 9th District are wondering where their Congressman is, and how he stands on the issues that are most important to us," Yoder said. "He chooses not to make himself available for these debates. Seniors are nervous about the Young/Ryan Plan to drastically cut and change Medicare, even Social Security. Parents are concerned about receiving affordable health care for their children. 9th District Hoosiers are struggling to pay their bills while Mr. Young supports tax cuts for the wealthy. He prioritizes Todd Akin's radical social agenda over the needs of his constituents. These are the issues I'm asked about every day on the campaign trail, and people deserve to hear from Mr. Young, who claims to represent them."

Yoder's campaign has already accepted debate opportunities in Clark, Crawford, Harrison, Johnson, Monroe and Washington counties and would be open to further invitations.

"Last month, my opponent voted in favor of a Congressional recess because the Republican leadership said it was important for its members to get back to their districts to meet with constituents," Yoder said. "Young has yet to hold a single town-hall meeting in the district.

"Two years ago, Mr. Young challenged Baron Hill to seven debates, yet now he seems to believe these debate opportunities are no longer of importance. I couldn't disagree more. I call on Todd Young to leave the partying at the Republican National Convention in Florida and start working with our campaign to set dates and times for debates and town halls.

"What his campaign calls "hammering out details,' I call "stalling' and "wasting time.' It's been a month, and he's been on recess much of it. I want to discuss the issues that are important to the people of the 9th District in front of as many people as possible. I want their concerns, and our answers, to be heard. I want them to know their options."

As she campaigns for Congress, Yoder has focused on creating an economy that works for everyone and expanding job opportunities for all Hoosier families. Her 10-point jobs plan includes increasing worker training and funding for health research initiatives and investing in green technologies.

Yoder is running to unseat Todd Young in the general election on November 6, 2012. For more information on Yoder's candidacy, please visit

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