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Where President Obama has Failed... A President Romney Will Lead on Energy Independence


Location: New Lenox, IL

Today, Congressman Adam Kinzinger, a member of the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee, issued the following statement on Governor Romney's vision for energy independence:

"Few challenges are so vital to the future of our nation as the need to dramatically reduce the current and growing reliance of the United States on imported petroleum - oil oftentimes imported from regions of the world hostile to the interests of the United States. Governor Romney understands that only through a comprehensive energy policy, as the one he proposed today, will the United States see increased energy independency, stable energy prices and the creation of much needed high paying jobs here at home. Additionally, several economic reports have noted that over 1 million jobs could be created through the benefits from affordable energy and demand for products that use gas.

After nearly four years, President Obama's commitment to energy independence never moved beyond his campaign speeches. From stonewalling the permitting process to blocking the Keystone Pipeline, his opportunity to lead on this issue has passed. American businesses and consumers have suffered the consequences of his inaction long enough.

Governor Romney is a forward thinking leader who will tackle our pressing issues. He is exactly what we need right now to begin America's economic comeback."

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