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90 Days Left (Email to Supporters)


Location: Unknown

Dear Supporters,

Less than 90 days remain before the November 6th election. The Democratic Party has targeted Illinois as one of their key states in their efforts to take back the House of Representatives and to return the Speaker's gavel to Nancy Pelosi.
As the election nears, we will witness more and more negative attacks from the Democratic Party PR machine. They will make every effort to convince voters that their misguided ideology of increasing the size of government and raising our taxes to pay for this growth is moral, compassionate and the core of what American citizens demand from their government.

Well…they're wrong! I believe that American citizens desire less government, fewer taxes and more personal freedoms. I believe that American citizens want their government to help create an environment that that will allow us all to earn our success in-lieu of government dependency.

We have an opportunity to redirect our nation's future by electing responsible leaders that embrace the concepts of less government, fewer taxes and more personal freedoms. Join us and be part of real change!

In Service,
Randy Hultgren

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