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Rodney Davis For Congress Launches First Television Ad

Press Release

Location: Springfield, IL

Rodney Davis, Republican nominee for the 13th Congressional District of Illinois, released the first TV ad of the campaign Wednesday, outlining a vision of cutting spending, reducing the national debt and helping the next generation get out from under the $50,000 per person in borrowed money Washington has racked up.

The new ad, titled "For Them," features Rodney Davis and players from a Junior Football League team in Taylorville that Davis coaches. In the ad, Davis emphasizes the importance of cutting wasteful Washington spending to reduce the $16 trillion national debt that is crushing the national economy. Davis emphasizes the need to get the debt crisis under control for the future generation that he coaches in football. Here is the full ad:

The ad begins Thursday.

Here is the full script of the ad:

Davis: "I've been coaching these kids since they were five.

At first, it was about spending more time with my twin boys.

Now, it's about helping all these boys become great men.

I worry about the America we are going to leave them.

Our sixteen trillion dollar debt leaves each of them on the hook for fifty grand.

…and it's killing our economy.

I'm Rodney Davis and I approved this message because in Congress, I'll fight the wasteful spending -- for you, and for them."

Rodney Davis, 42, has lived in the 13th District nearly his entire life. He married his high school sweetheart, Shannon. They and their three children live in Taylorville. To learn more about Rodney's campaign to work aggressively in Congress to end overspending, address the nation's skyrocketing debt, and work to improve the economy to provide a better quality of life for the families of Illinois' 13th Congressional District, visit

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