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Foster: Protect Social Security and Keep it Safe from Wall Street

Press Release

Location: Naperville, IL

Today, Bill Foster hosted a round table event with area seniors to discuss the challenges they face in this economy and the importance of protecting their Social Security and Medicare benefits. Describing their own experiences and struggles in retirement living on a fixed income, panel participants discussed their frustration with the unfair system in place in Washington where politicians like Congresswoman Biggert reward Wall Street and corporate special interests instead of looking out for middle class families.

The event, which took place at the Route 66 Diner in Joliet, covered a wide range of topics including concerns about the privatization of Social Security and Medicare. Of particular interest was proposed legislation that Congresswoman Biggert voted for in 2001 that would have placed Social Security funds into the hands of Wall Street bankers, a risky move in an uncertain economy that would have resulted in catastrophic losses during the economic collapse of 2008. Privatization plans for Medicare are also a cornerstone of the Ryan Budget that Judy Biggert voted for twice in the current Congress.

"Social Security and Medicare are programs that millions of seniors have paid into and count on as a crucial safety net. Illinois families can't afford to gamble their own or their parents' retirement," Bill Foster. "Listening to these stories about the struggles that people face every day and how frustrated they are with the partisan gridlock in Washington just shows how politicians have failed to do their jobs when it comes to looking out for the middle class. After 13 years in Congress with a record of supporting the privatization of Social Security and Medicare, it's clear that Congresswoman Biggert's agenda is one that puts Wall Street above the middle class."

"Washington is a mess and I'm worried about politicians who are concerned more about Wall Street profits than the livelihood of seniors and the middle class," said round table participant Marilynn Miller. "It's disappointing to see Congresswoman Biggert continue to favor Wall Street and big corporations instead of looking out for the needs of seniors. These are tough times for those of us in retirement. We carefully saved for our retirement and paid into Social Security and Medicare and we cannot afford to lose one single penny of our benefits."

This week marked the 77th Anniversary of Social Security. Congresswoman Biggert supports privatizing Medicare and Social Security and forcing seniors to pay thousands more for their benefits.

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