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Congressman Walsh Invites Concerned Muslim Americans to Meet with Him


Location: Unknown

Tonight Congressman Joe Walsh invited a group of Muslim Americans to sit down with him to discuss his recent comments on the threat of the homegrown radical terrorism.

His statement on the event:

"I thought it was important for me to reach out and meet with concerned Muslim Americans in my district to discuss the threat that the radical strain of Islam poses to all of us and to hear their concerns on the issue. I called this meeting so that both sides could have a forum in which we were able to share our opinions on this most serious issue.

"While this issue brings heated emotions from both sides, I was happy to hear their thoughts and concerns. It affirmed my belief that the vast -- vast majority of American Muslims are peace loving patriotic citizens."

"However, there is still a radical strain of Islam within our country, Attorney General Eric Holder has said it, Janet Napolitano has said it and I will not back down and will continue to say that it is a major threat to our safety and security.

"Thus after tonight's meeting, I stand by my original statement that while the overwhelming majority of Muslim Americans are as peace loving as everyone else, there are radical Islamists right here in the United States trying to kill Americans and destroy this county."

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