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Marcus Lewis For Congress 2012- 2nd Congressional District


Location: Unknown

Hello Everyone,

It is now evident that the General Election is 10 weeks away. If you have not began to ponder whom you plan to vote for CONGRESSMAN of the 2ND DISTRICT, I ask you to begin to.

I am on the ballot as a FRESH START & A NEW BEGINNING to help our district out of the quagmire of no jobs, no hope and no direction.

I, Marcus Lewis, am asking you to jettison any allegiance to Jesse Jackson Jr. This is a moment where our district is in dire straits that only an a independent can address because I am my own man. Jesse is beholden to the Democratic Party Machine and this machine is broken at least for us.

I want to put a laser beam focus on the South East Side of Chicago where unemployment is 40% and 60% amongst the youth. We must have jobs and not some phantom airport plan that is not going to occur. You can only say that like crying wolf do long. Our people are not dumb. We are a brilliant people that needs a rep that will fight and be on your side at all times. This is that moment, I am here to bring the help and spotlight on our ills and demand they be immediately addressed now.

So I want each person that has heard of me or is reading this message, we need one to BLAST my campaign across the South East Side of Chicago. This is a once in a lifetime chance to do for self and put a common working black man in the congress who understands and has lived a life of trying to make ends meet. I have worked a job in my life. Jesse Jr. Never worked a regular job nor experienced having to make ends meet that would not even look at each other.

Tell all you know about this man on the ballot that is just like you. We together can cause a tital wave of getting your voice heard on the U.S House and let them know you matter and you want jobs, jobs, jobs! Tell all your friends the Jackson's have had their chance and after 17 years thats enough.

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