Dan Kildee's Statement on Paul Ryan as Romney's Running Mate


By:  Dan Kildee
Date: Aug. 11, 2012
Location: Unknown

Below is Dan Kildee's statement regarding Mitt Romney selecting Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate:

"With the selection of Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney made it clear that his vision for America includes tax breaks for millionaires, ending Medicare as we know it, and doubling the cost of student loans. True to his vision for an America where the rich are protected and the rest of us are on our own, Mitt Romney chose as his running mate the author of the "Ryan Plan," an extreme budget plan that even many Republicans have tried to distance themselves from.

These extreme views are a clear indication of Romney and Ryan's distorted values. This campaign for the Presidency and my campaign for Congress are about two competing visions of America.

I believe in the vision where the United States invests in the middle-class to grow our economy, creating opportunity for all Americans, not just the lucky and rich few. Romney and Ryan believe in ending Medicare as we know it, handing millionaires a tax cut of over $150,000 and doubling interest rates on student loans, all the while keeping tax breaks for big oil.

America will decide in November which course we will take, and today's announcement make the choice even clearer."

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