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Monday Minute - Truly Representing the People


Location: Unknown

The Founding Fathers designed our government around the principle that we elect people who go to Washington and represent our local interests.

It's why they called it the House of Representatives, not the House of Obstructionists.

Unfortunately, some have come to believe that obstruction is the only goal.

West Michigan deserves a representative in Washington who will fight for our values, our people, our jobs. I got into this race because the current Representative, Justin Amash, is so far out of touch that he prides himself on saying no to everything rather than fighting for solutions.

That's no way to deal with the big issues we face not only in West Michigan, but nationwide.

I have represented this area in several different roles, as a judge, state legislator, and county commissioner. I have fought for our jobs, our schools, our military veterans and seniors. I have the experience to deliver results in Washington and restore the voice of Michigan's Third Congressional District that is currently not being heard.

Justin Amash is so far out of touch that on Sunday he seemed to imply that he will not even endorse Mitt Romney, his party's nominee for president. If he can't even work with his own party on such a basic level, how can he be expected to work with anyone on anything that will represent West Michigan's values in Congress?

We respect hard work and getting things done in West Michigan, and as your next representative in Congress, I will fight tirelessly to make sure our voice is heard. I'll work to protect our senior services, to create good jobs for our middle class families, and to ensure we all have access to quality, affordable health care.

In short, I will represent you, just as the Founding Fathers intended.

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