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Pompeo Welcomes Romney-Ryan Energy Plan


Location: Wichita, KS

Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced his plan for North American energy independence by 2020. Contrasted with the policies enacted under President Obama for the past four years, Governor Romney's plan will decrease regulation, increase access to our own domestic energy supplies on federal lands and offshore, and create sorely needed jobs in the process. These pro-growth policies will effectively lower energy prices for American families.

Congressman Mike Pompeo (KS-04), a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce issued the following statement in support of the Romney-Ryan energy plan:

"As a private sector businessman who worked previously in the energy sector and now as a Member of Congress, I fully understand the urgency and importance of getting our national energy policy right. Governor Romney understands that to provide lower energy costs to Americans and to ensure our energy independence we must remove the government's regulatory barriers to domestic energy exploration. Similarly, we must stop the government from using our tax dollars to pick and chose favored energy sources within our energy markets.

"President Obama has produced numerous roadblocks on our path toward increased domestic energy production, such as rejecting the Keystone Pipeline--and the 100,000 jobs it would have provided--and his threat to over-regulate the hydraulic fracturing process. On the other hand, Governor Romney's path would lead to the creation of more than three million new jobs, including over one million in our manufacturing sector while lowering energy prices for both job creators and middle class families.

"The choice has never been clearer: To ensure lower energy prices for all Americans, we must allow our American energy producers to develop our abundant domestic energy supply. Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan understand this need and they have the only available plan on the table to help us achieve our energy goals," stated Pompeo.

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