RIPTA Takes Prompt Action to Address Breaches to Facility Security System

Press Release

By:  Lincoln Chafee
Date: Aug. 21, 2012
Location: Providence, RI

At the Governor's request, the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) has been undergoing a full review for improvements to accountability and performance. As part of this review, RIPTA recently completed an assessment of its security systems at its Elmwood Avenue facility in Providence. The RIPTA Board of Directors determined immediate action was needed to resolve a security systems breach. RIPTA is announcing some of these action items today involving personnel and expect that additional action will be forthcoming.

As part of its efforts, RIPTA has decided to make changes in its personnel to mitigate any issues moving forward. RIPTA is announcing today the termination of three management personnel and may take additional actions in the immediate future in connection with this situation.

RIPTA is taking action to implement structural and systems changes rectifying the issue and will be continuing to analyze its internal controls, systems and practices to ensure that all of RIPTA operations are properly safeguarded.

"As Governor, I am committed to restoring Rhode Islanders' faith in their government, and that includes each and every state department and agency. Part of our ongoing work to make RIPTA more efficient and effective with taxpayer dollars is ensuring that employees entrusted with those resources are responsible, professional, and worthy of the public trust. Where that is not the case, fast action will be taken to correct the situation. Rhode Island taxpayers deserve as much," said Governor Lincoln D. Chafee.

"In light of RIPTA's swift and decisive action in this case, RIPTA's riders and the public should have confidence in RIPTA's on-going commitment to security and the safeguarding of RIPTA's property," said Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian, Chairman of RIPTA's Board of Directors.

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