We're Going to Make this About Ideas


By:  Paul Ryan
Date: Aug. 24, 2012
Location: Unknown

This is a serious choice of two futures we have in this country. If we stick with the President's path, this is a nation that will go into decline.

This is a nation that will have a debt crisis. He'll bring us more toward a welfare state where we have a stagnant economy, where we suspend upward mobility and prosperity and opportunity and growth. And so we're going to make this about ideas. We're going to make this about a positive vision for the future.

Specific ideas, using those founding principles that made us great in the first place, how we apply those principles to the problems of the day to get our country back on track and we're going to give that very clear contrast. And in Tampa, I believe people will get to know who Mitt Romney is, the kind of man he is, the kind of human being he is and the kind of principled vision that he has for the country going forward.

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