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We Can't Afford Four More Years of President Obama


Location: Unknown

This president tried. I'm convinced he tried. I think he was headed in the wrong direction is the problem.

I saw someone outside the zone here that had a sign that said four more years, and I almost felt like stopping and saying, you want four more years of 8% unemployment?

You want four more years of record numbers of foreclosures and declining home values?

Do you want four more years of trillion-dollar deficits to pass on to your kids?

Do you want four more years of small businesses finding it hard to hire people?

Do you want four more years of government becoming more and more intrusive in your lives and in your businesses?

I don't want four more years of what we have, do you?

I want to get America on an entirely different track, a track of greatness and strength and vitality and prosperity.

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