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CBS "Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer" - Transcript


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BOB SCHIEFFER: What about this guy Akin? I mean here Mitt Romney comes out. I mean it seems to me like there was a time in politics when the leaders could get together and tell somebody to take a hike. You can't really do that somehow anymore.

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN (R-Tennessee): Well, you know, I have to tell you, in our party, when somebody commits a Biden-ism, like Akin did, you know, his remarks are indefensible, they are disgusting, they're-- just you can say all sorts of things. But the thing is we do speak out about it. Here's the thing, the American people are talking about jobs, the economy, and doing something with this national debt. The debt clock is running. We're almost to sixteen trillion dollars, and I think more than ever before the American people are saying, tell me how you're going to get us out of this. It's the number one issue with women, jobs, the economy. Number two is getting Obamacare off the books. Women are the drivers when it comes to health-- health care. All these distractions, they look at as distractions, and they're saying, "How do we get this country back to work? Tell me what your plan is."


REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: You know, most of those small businesses that Haley is referencing are female owned. They're the majority of the new small business starts. That is why women are looking at this and they're saying, look, my household income is down forty-three hundred dollars a year. Twenty-six hundred dollars a year is what I'm seeing as the increase in my health insurance. I am trying to get access to capital to grow this small business. The Obama economy is working against me. We've got to make some changes. Tell me what you're going to do about it.


BOB SCHIEFFER: --that has done nothing.

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: Well-- well, I take-- I'll take issue with that. The House has over thirty jobs bills and about two hundred pieces of legislation waiting for Harry Reid and the Democrat Senate to take it up. So take a little bit of issue with that. The House is what--

BOB SCHIEFFER: Well, but the Democrats there have some bills--

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: But then, look at this, in your commentary you said you wanted to see a leader who could sit down with the other side and get things done.


REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: Look at what Mitt Romney did in Massachusetts. He said as he exactly what he did. Republican governor, he went to a Democratic legislature, and he said for the good of the state, and the people of this state, let's decide how we can get some things done. So if you're looking for somebody who can actually live that out for you, your guy is Mitt Romney.



HALEY BARBOUR: --two Presidents.

BOB SCHIEFFER: But this Congress-- and-- and Congressman-- they couldn't even pass a drought relief bill. Here we got the worst drought in-- in-- what, since the dustbowl days of the thirties, Congress took off for five weeks without doing anything to help the farmers.

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: Well, and there, again, the House has the ability to get its work done. The Senate is not getting their job done. And just as Senator Rubio was talking about dealing with the immigration issue, the instruction from the administration.

You know in the House we've had bipartisan support for the repeal of Obamacare, bipartisan support for moving forward with the budget. We have had bipartisan support for getting rid of cap and trade and stopping that. We've had bipartisan support for building the Keystone Pipeline. And what you've got are individuals that do extend the hand and work across the aisle, and make certain that we are doing things for the good of the American people. This President promised--and this is one of the reason I think--that so many voters, especially female voters, have moved away from him. He said he was going to take action on a certain course. But guess what he didn't do that. He didn't bring people together he divided them and he continues to try to divide. And that is not what the American people want.


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