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Issue Position: Jobs and Economy

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Marcus Lewis For Congress 2012- 2nd Congressional District
Posted on Facebook 8/25/2012

[Jobs and Economy]

Good Morning 2nd District,

I want to convey to you my plans for the 2nd District. I have surveyed the various areas in Chicago and the South Suburbs and here are my plans for these areas hardest hit from sheer neglect.

1. I want to file bills instituting a WPA style jobs program to rebuild the south east side of the district rehabbing streets, sewer systems and training for a mulitude of skills that will be needed as i have the belief that we must now prepare for the returning of industry to the district The long term unemployed must be up to par as my aim is to convince American companies that you must come home and setup shop back in America There are several methods this can be accomplished.

a. Through tariffs on the products shipped back to this country that would be so onerous that the message would ring out loud and clear, "BRING THE JOBS BACK HOME , QUICK, FAST & IN A HURRY!"

b. By changes in the tax code on businesses since most are headquartered here but the factories are off shore we would tax them where the make the goods.

c. Forcing the companies to that either bring the money back home from off shore account out of the reach of the IRS, the IRS would given the tools by laws passed to go and confiscate these untaxed profits.

We must have a change to get back to the normal that was before this allowing over 57,000 manufacturers to be allowed by this government to simply pick up and leave and go to other countries some with financial assistance from the U.S. Tax Dollars to pack up and abandon our citizens with no where to work.

From the monent I take the oath of office, i will tirelessly begin the task on righing this district.

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