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CNN "Erin Burnett Outfront" - Transcript


Location: Unknown


In Tampa, Florida, site of next week's Republican Convention, they're of course keeping a very close eye on Isaac. OUTFRONT tonight Florida's Republican Governor Rick Scott is with us too. Very different, a lot of resources in Florida. I know from my own experience you have a lot of experience there dealing with storms. How are you getting ready for this one?

GOV. RICK SCOTT (R), FLORIDA: Well, first off, your heart goes out to everybody in Haiti. They're going to get the brunt of this, the first part of it, but I've been leading briefings with the RNC, federal officials, state and local for the last two days, keep everybody informed, so everybody makes good decisions. Right now the storm track is east or west of Tampa, so Tampa will get looks like rain and wind.

But we're going to -- in the Keys we're going to have wind starting Sunday, landfall Sunday night, and then if it follows the track it's on now, we'll hit -- we'll have landfall and wind on Tuesday in the Panhandle. The key is going to be what happens in Cuba. As it goes over the land mass of Cuba, will it dissipate or not. And the more it dissipates, the less the wind and rain we're going to get in Florida.

FOREMAN: You're like every Florida governor I've ever known, you're about half meteorologist because you have to be there. I know it's going to be --

SCOTT: Oh, you learn.


SCOTT: Tom you're absolutely right. I know high pressure now, low pressure, I have learned all these -- all this now.

FOREMAN: Yes, of course there is the interest -- the first concern of course is people, their homes, their lives, all of that. Of course though there is the interest about the convention as well. This does not look like it's going to be a whole lot more at the convention than a lot of rain and some wind you have to be ready for otherwise, but right now it's fairly promising, isn't it?

SCOTT: Yes, we -- you know, we're optimistic. I'm responsible to make sure all 19 million people are safe. You know I think about we're a state that knows about hurricanes and we also know about hospitality, so we're prepared for the hurricane and when all these delegates and other visitors come down to see us, we're very good at keeping them safe, making sure they have you know a great experience.

FOREMAN: Let me ask you something as a Republican right now. This is the big party for Republicans and every Republican I know in the country wanted this party to be all week long about the economy and what you feel that President Obama hasn't done and what you can do. Instead, we're having discussions about hurricanes. We're talking about abortion rights. We're talking about the definition of rape. Is this tremendously frustrating if you're a Republican right now?

SCOTT: Well, I think you know when you get to November, when people go vote, in Florida, I know, because it's the exact same -- my election was very similar to this, it's all going to be about who is going to help me make sure I keep my job or get a job. So in the end when you go vote, it's all going to be about jobs. There will be maybe discussions about other issues but the voters are going to decide who is going to keep me working.

FOREMAN: All right. Well, Governor, I'll be down there joining you in a couple of days there, so keep your boots nearby and we'll see what happens. Thanks for joining us.

SCOTT: I look forward to seeing you. It will be a great event.

FOREMAN: All right, we'll see you there.


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