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NBC "Meet the Press" - Transcript


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GOV. JAN BREWER (R-AZ): Well, there's a lot of issues out there. But, you know, we're here at the convention, and I believe that that is our great opportunity to unite Republicans behind Governor Romney, and then to be able to reintroduce Governor Romney to the American people, to the Republicans, and the Democrats, and the Independents. That's our opportunity…
GREGORY: I am skeptical by this word. Forgive me for interrupting. Reintroduce and reconnect. And that's the word that Jeb Bush used. It suggests that the-- the connection either was never established from Mitt Romney or he lost it. How?

GOV. BREWER: Well, you know, in elections, a lot of time with a lot of money, you know, there's a-- there's a perception of-- of-- of political parties hammering away at political candidates. And so, they have spent a lot of money focusing on so many issues that are not really too much important to the American people today. I think we're more focused on jobs and the economy, rather than all these peripheral kinds of things that they're hammering away at. So, you know, I know Governor Romney, he's a wonderful person. And this is our opportunity to let us connect with him to the public. I'm looking forward to it.


GREGORY: Do you agree with that? When it comes to-- let's start with women and outreach to-- to women and what they care about after this Akin incident?
GOV. BREWER: Well, I think that, you know, everybody wants to divert the real issues. I think that, of course, there's been a plummeting, if you will, of Republicans because the Democrats have certainly tried to wage a war against women, a class warfare. Bottom line is, is the Republican Party has rejected Akin's statement, president-- Governor Romney has rejected that statement, as-- as have I, you know, he made a-- a serious, outrageous statement. And now everybody wants to pile on to that statement, trying to make it a Republican statement. It has nothing to do with the Republican platform or where the party is. And as far as immigration, you know, Arizona has been the battleground, if you will, regarding illegal immigration. Yeah, we live in the Southwest. We're a very diverse population. And we believe in the rule of law. We believe in the rule of law. Certainly those kinds of issues are going to have to be discussed, moving on into the future. We're going to have to determine collectively and legally and lawfully how we're going to deal with those issues. And we're all willing to do that, but we can't just all of a sudden, according to the current administration, to-- to rule, if you will, by fiat. It's just absolutely is the un-American way. You know, we have a congress there. We have lawmakers there. We have a president that ought to be upholding the constitution.


MR. TODD: …and the Akin stuff. Colorado and Virginia more races have been won by Democrats by reaching out to pro-choice suburban women who want to vote Republican on economic issues but more races, Democrats have been able to steal in those two states on the issue of abortion. And that's why Akin is a huge problem.

GREGORY: You know, this is a real issue.

GOV. BREWER: It is a-- it's a huge issue and something that we're all looking at and we're all very, very concerned about. But I truly believe that the Republican Party is the party of women. We have been really, really good to women candidates. You look at just governors alone. We've got more women governor-- Republican governors than we do Democrat governors. We believe in life. That is true. We believe in life. But we are very, very open and-- and supportive of women and the women's issues. But the bottom line is-- is most women, they want to talk about jobs and the economy. They want to talk about their children's future. And we, as Republicans, need to drive that message…


GOV. BREWER: …down-- and we will do that between the convention, reintroducing President Romney, we will be out there and we're going to get those states and educate those…

GREGORY: Well, and let-- let me underline that advantage because Congresswoman, this is what the President is up against, and why this is a really tight race, despite some of the disadvantage. Here are Romney advantages according to our polling, you put it up on the screen: good ideas to improve the economy. He's got a six-point advantage. Changing business as usual in Washington, a six-point advantage. And here's the other reality that President Obama faces, are you better off now than you were four years ago? Again, this is what our polling shows, that a whopping 69 percent think it's either worse off or the same. This is why we're in a tight race.

GOV. BREWER: It's the record of failure.


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