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On the Road: Uncertainty Looms


Location: Unknown

The word of the day on Friday was "uncertainty." Whether it was at American Packaging in Hutchinson, at a meeting with small businesses hosted by the Hutchinson Credit Union, or at the Hutchinson Clinic, Kansans are legitimately and obviously frustrated with the lack of certainty from Washington right now. The threat of higher taxes, the concern for more regulations, and the full implementation of ObamaCare have our small businesses, entrepreneurs, credit unions, and health care providers unwilling to invest and grow for fear that the economy could get worse, taxes could go up, or regulations could expand.

American Packaging Owner Tony Schleich invited me for a tour of his facility, and we talked about how disastrous ObamaCare will be for his business. I told him that the House has voted to repeal ObamaCare entirely, and although the Senate and President will not budge, I will continue to work toward taking it off the books once and for all. Certainly our health care system was not perfect before ObamaCare came along, but it made a bad problem worse. And, to complicate our health care system even further, one-third of the funding for ObamaCare comes from raiding Medicare -- a program already on the path to bankruptcy if Congress does not act. ObamaCare has a destructive path, and the biggest victims are Medicare beneficiaries. I continued the discussion of ObamaCare at Hutchinson Clinic, where Dr. Michael Schekall hosted a meeting with radiologists. They told me the same thing I hear from other medical professionals: let us work with patients to decide patients' care, not let bureaucrats in Washington dictate our medical decisions.

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