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The Secret Farm Bill


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Dear Friend,

Well, still no response from Secretary Vilsack as to what are the Administration's priorities for the Farm Bill. In the absence of an explanation, we are left to guess as to what the Obama-Vilsack Farm Bill would look like. If I had to speculate, I would assume that their Farm Bill would do nothing to curb the explosion in food stamp spending and nothing to stop the regulatory encroachment of bureaucrats on to our farms and ranches. I would assume that they would continue to ignore the disaster aid package that the House passed and that would provide some much-needed drought relief for our producers. And, I would assume that they would want to do nothing about the fact that the death tax is set to go up at the end of the year, jeopardizing families' abilities to pass on their farms to their children. We put together a fun, short video to outline the "likely" priorities of the secret Obama-Vilsack Farm Bill.

As the video explains, the House passed a $383 million disaster aid package before the August work period. Unfortunately, Senator Reid sent the Senate home without allowing them to even vote on it. Meanwhile, the drought continues to worsen, and our farmers and ranchers are running out of time to alleviate the harm of it.

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