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Statement on July Jobs Report


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Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI) made the following statement regarding the July jobs report:

With the addition of 163,000 jobs in July, our economy has created nearly four million private-sector jobs over the last two years. That contrasts with the 700,000-plus job-loss our economy experienced just during the last month George W. Bush was in office, and the four million private-sector jobs lost over the last two years of Bush's presidency.

Gov. Romney and many Republicans in Congress opposed efforts to boost our economy -- steps like rescuing the American automotive industry.

We need to do much more, but Republicans continue to stand in the way of progress. They threaten our nation's credit, they block efforts to create jobs, and this week they voted to raise taxes on working families, including some military families, while continuing tax breaks for the very wealthy.

Republicans don't have a vision for the future, only a dim recollection of the past. Gov. Romney and his friends in Congress want to return to the failed policies of tax cuts for millionaires and deregulation for campaign contributors. We already tried that and it ended with one of the worst recessions in our Nation's history.

America must move forward, not go back to the Republican policies that so miserably failed us in the past.

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