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Congressman Dold on the New Iran Sanctions Package


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"This legislation is significant in its seriousness and scope. By blacklisting virtually all of Iran's energy, banking, and transportation sectors, and specifically targeting those who enable Iran's attempted evasion of sanctions, this legislation sends a powerful signal to the Iranian regime that they should not question the resolve of the United States Congress to do what is necessary to confront Iran's illicit nuclear ambitions. This legislation is the product of bipartisan efforts and hard work from many people, and I appreciate Chairman Ros-Lehtinen's and Ranking Member Berman's focus on advancing this as quickly as possible.

"I am pleased to have contributed to strengthening this sanctions package with bipartisan proposals which I introduced with Rep. Deutch, that declare the Iranian energy sector a "zone of proliferation concern," and which enhance the human rights portion of the bill. I also want to note the significant contributions by Senator Mark Kirk, who has been a constant champion and leader on the forcefulness of Iran sanctions. I look forward to this legislation's passage today and implementation with urgency by the Administration, and I look to continue to work with my colleagues in Congress on this issue until we can affirm that the Iranian regime is no longer pursuing a nuclear weapons capability."

Background Information:

In March 2012, Rep. Dold joined with Representative Ted Deutch (D-FL) to introduce H.R. 4317, the Iranian Energy Sector and Proliferation Sanctions Act. This legislation expanded sanctions on Iran's energy sector and labeled Iran's energy sector a "Zone of Proliferation Concern," in order to further deprive Iran's government of energy revenues it uses to fund its nuclear program.

In May 2011, Rep Dold introduced, along with Rep. Deutch, H.R. 1714, the Iran Human Rights and Democracy Promotion Act of 2011. This legislation focused on persons responsible for or complicit in human rights abuses in Iran, and sanctioned the tools of oppression used by the Iranian government to crack down on protests and demonstrations.

In July 2012, Rep. Dold joined with Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA) to author a letter to Chairman Ros-Lehtinen and Chairman Johnson to push for a number of provisions to be included in the final sanctions package text, including the proposal in H.R. 4317 to declare the energy sector of Iran a "zone of proliferation concern."

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