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We Won't Play Politics with Our Military


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Because this is messing with jobs and lives--right here in North Carolina, it could cost us 55,000 jobs. The President's demanding a massive tax increase on small businesses, which will cost us jobs, in exchange for these defense sequesters.

We don't want to trade small business jobs for military jobs.

We want more jobs across the board. And so, what we're saying, through our actions, what we've done already in Congress, what Mitt Romney is already proposing, is we're not going to play political pawns with our military.

We're going to embrace peace through strength.

We're going to have a budget that respects the mission that we've given our military, so we have a world class Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines; the best technology; the best benefits; and a national military that is unrivaled in the world because that is how we extend peace and prosperity for not only our generation, but the next generation.

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