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Ways And Means Democrats: The Verdict Is In -- Romney's Claims About Welfare Are Blatantly False

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Claims made by Governor Romney that President Obama is somehow ending work requirements in welfare by giving States more flexibility to increase work by welfare recipients has failed all independent reviews of truthfulness.

"The American people want to trust their leaders," said Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sandy Levin (D-MI). "Governor Romney is quickly losing this trust by continuing to say things he knows, or should know, are false. Every independent fact checker has said his claims about the President eliminating work requirements under welfare are dishonest."

"Getting people back to work is precisely what this innovative approach is designed to achieve," said Ways and Means Human Resources Subcommittee Ranking Member Lloyd Doggett (D-TX). "The only real threat to putting people to work is Romney's promise to return to the Bush-Cheney economic policies."

Here are some of the reviews of the Romney campaign's claims from those instrumental in creating the 1996 welfare reform law, as well as independent fact checkers.
* President Clinton, who enacted the 1996 welfare law, said Romney's ad saying the Administration is weakening work requirements for welfare was "not true" and that the Administration "has taken important steps to ensure that the work requirement is retained."
* Ron Haskins, the lead Republican Congressional staffer in charge of drafting the 1996 welfare reform law, has said "there is merit to what the Administration is proposing, and I don't see how you can get to the conclusion that the waiver provision undermines welfare reform." He also stated, "I think -- and now remember I'm a Republican -- that the [Romney] ad is very misleading."
* Politifact declared that Romney's claim that the Administration's waiver proposal would eliminate work requirements for welfare recipients was "pants on fire" false. The fact checker said the contrary was true, stating: "by grating waivers to states, the Obama administration is seeking to make welfare-to-work efforts more successful, not end them."
* says the Romney TV add on the issue "distorts the facts" and is "simply not true." It reiterates that work requirements are not being dropped under the waiver proposal, and that "benefits still won't be paid beyond an allotted time."
* The Fact Checker at the Washington Post rated Romney's "over-the-top" ad on welfare as deserving four Pinocchios for being so dishonest.

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