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Utilizing America's Natural Resources


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America is blessed with vast amounts of energy sources and an endless supply of human capital that can transform our natural resources into good paying, high quality jobs. As I travel across the 23rd District of Texas, I constantly hear from constituents who live in oil and gas producing areas, like the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford Shale, about the jobs and economic success such production has brought to their communities. The challenge for our country, and for Texas, is removing the red tape and job stifling regulations that Washington has placed on American energy production, which destroys job creation and increases our dependence on foreign sources of energy.

A recent study done by the Center for Community and Business Research at the University of Texas at San Antonio Institute for Economic Development, found that the Eagle Ford Shale generated more than $25 billion in revenue for South Texas in 2011, and is projected to create more than 117,000 jobs and more than $90 billion in revenue over the next decade. Not only does the resource rich zone provide greater revenue for South Texas, it creates thousands of jobs directly and indirectly related to oil and gas production, and gives governments funding to build new schools, roads, and hospitals for local communities.

What concerns us down here in Texas, is the broad overreach of bureaucrats far away in Washington. The Fish and Wildlife Service and the Environmental Protection Agency are the largest offenders in this regard, issuing regulations that don't past the common sense test. Take the Sand Dune Lizard, for example. The fight to list the species under the Endangered Species Act, when local officials and stakeholders had previously implemented conservation efforts and some evidence used to support listing the lizard was inconsistent, took a lot of unnecessary time, effort and money from both sides. More importantly, had the lizard been placed on the list, production in the Permian Basin would have been brought to a standstill. This would have left thousands of hard working Texans without jobs and made America more dependent on foreign sources of energy.

There are many roadblocks put into place by a terribly broken federal government that prevent us from taking advantage of the energy resources we have in this country. We all know that some regulation is necessary, for example, regulations ensuring that our drinking water is safe and our natural resources are protected. Unfortunately, bureaucrats in Washington, many of which are extreme ideologues, could care less about bringing both sides to the table and seeking a common sense solution. They are more concerned with protecting the life of a lizard and pursuing a radical agenda than bettering the life of Americans by creating jobs that keep food on the table and allow our citizens to chase the American Dream. As long as I am in Congress, I will fight left wing environmentalists and side with hard working Americans who seek to make America energy independent, to keep our country safe and to create jobs.

A former small business owner and lifelong Texan, Congressman Canseco proudly represents the 23rd District of Texas. You may contact Congressman Canseco at:

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