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When is an Economic Recovery Not a Recovery?


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The President continues to insist that our economy is recovering, yet unemployment remains above 8 percent - in fact it went up to 8.3 percent in July. And the real unemployment figure is over 15 percent - that's the number of Americans who have given up looking for work, or are working at minimum wage jobs, or sometimes even working at two and three jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total number of Americans who are not working full-time but ought to be is actually about 22 million, or 15.8 percent.

It's pretty tough to convince 22 million Americans that things are getting better. They know what real suffering is like. They know the battle they face every day as they try to feed, clothe and shelter their families. They know that the Obama Administration has failed to solve our country's economic crisis. They deal with the consequences of a failed policy every day.

As our Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan said recently in Iowa: "As you see the president come through on his bus tour, you might ask him the same question that I'm getting asked from people all around America, and that is, 'Where are the jobs Mr. President?"

If we are going to help our families and friends and neighbors get back to work, we need to start at the foundation of our economy - the small business owner. If we can help them, they will do what they do best - create jobs and get Americans back to work. It's time for the President and his Democrat cronies to admit that there is no economic recovery under way. It's time to get Americans back to work.

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