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Huelskamp Applauds Romney for Choosing Budget Chair Ryan as VP


Location: Fowler, KS

Congressman Tim Huelskamp congratulated House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan for being selected as GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential running mate. Huelskamp serves on the Budget Committee with Ryan.

"Governor Romney made a strong choice in choosing Paul Ryan to join the ticket," Congressman Huelskamp said. "It displays Romney's ability to surround himself with proven leaders willing to challenge the status quo of Washington and offer bold solutions. In the White House (and previously in the Senate), Barack Obama and Joe Biden have spent, taxed, and borrowed with reckless abandon -- seriously jeopardizing America's future. Together, Obama and Biden have been some of the most liberal, big-spending politicians in American history. By contrast, Paul Ryan has been a strong fiscal leader in his efforts to rein in runaway Washington spending. He will be a clear voice of reason on budget and tax reform in a Romney Administration. In addition, Ryan is a reliable defender of life, and I applaud Governor Romney for choosing a pro-life running mate."

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