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I am happy to report that 7.4 million students can breathe easier today, as they no longer have to worry that Stafford student loan interest rates will double before next school year.

I wanted to write to thank YOU for helping insure that did not happen. You wrote letters to local newspapers, signed my online petition and I heard your support for this effort face to face during stops around the district.

Thanks to your voice, enough pressure was placed on Speaker Boehner and the GOP controlled Congress that portions of my bill -- HR 3825 -- were signed into law by President Obama, stopping the interest rate hike that would have threatened the higher education opportunities of thousands of middle class students and families.

However, this victory is not a permanent one. This measure only locks in these lower rates for one additional year. Without a permanent fix the uncertainty begins again in another 12 months.

I am going to need your continued support -- and your voices -- to go back to Washington in November and continue to fight to not only to protect higher education funding for America's next generation of workers. We need to get our economy back on track through small business incentives, measures to create jobs and continue to work to deliver quality affordable healthcare.

This is something I cannot do with out you. I thank you, again, for your support and your voice. I look forward to continuing the fight to November and beyond.


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