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Courtney Statement on Selection of Paul Ryan as GOP Vice Presidential Nominee


Location: Colchester, CT

Congressman Joe Courtney today released the following statement on the selection of Congressman Paul Ryan as the Republican vice presidential nominee:

"Governor Romney's choice of Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee affirms a Republican commitment to policies detrimental to middle class families, seniors and small businesses. As chairman of the House Budget Committee, Congressman Ryan crafted a budget plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program, extend additional tax cuts for millionaires and slash education programs, including college aid.

"Not only would the Ryan Plan double the interest rate on Stafford loans, it would also cut the Pell Grant program -- the cornerstone of increased access to higher education -- by $170 billion. Congressman Ryan's plan would cap grants and force scores of students into private lending markets. At a time when student loan debt exceeds home loan debt, car loan debt and has surpassed $1 billion, we can not afford to keep piling debt onto America's next generation of workers.

"Neither our greatest nor our future generations can afford this callous scheme that would preserve tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans by placing a disproportionate burden on the backs of middle class families, students and seniors"

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