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I fully support balanced budgets. I will never say Yeah to a unbalanced budget.

I may offer verbal support to those making the effort to balance the budget, but I will never vote for a unbalanced budget. I will not budge on the budget!
I support having budget surpluses in order to pay off our 16 trillion of national debt.

I fully agree that only by addressing our military expenditures and our entitlement programs will we be able to balance the budget. I feel anyone claiming otherwise is lying.

We do not have a revenue problem as much as we have a spending problem.
If government borrows 1.5 trillion to fund stuff we cannot afford, then businesses will not be offered the 1.5 trillion in loans to build up the private sector. If you want real jobs and not some made-work program or welfare, then we must not suck up all the capital at the governmental level. We must invest in the private sector at the private level. Government needs to be under control.
The Second Amendment is very clear. SHALL NOT INFRINGE! Gun control, if it must exist, should be done at the state level, not the federal level.

Human liberty should be the goal of government, not the enemy of it.
More to come.......

Peace and liberty to all!

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