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Chad Lee Supports Republican Leadership in Opposition to ObamaCare

Press Release

Location: Madison, WI

Chad Lee issued the following statement in response to Governor Walker's decision not to implement the infrastructure necessary for the tax of ObamaCare.

"I fully support Governor Walker's decision to rein in government expansion and to not to implement the beginning stages of ObamaCare. I am confident in Governor Romney's commitment to repealing and replacing Obamacare on day one in office; any implementation before this time will only add to our growing national debt."

Chad Lee opposes Obamacare and will vote its full repeal if elected to Congress in November. He is committed to working toward a free market alternative to this egregious government takeover of the Healthcare Industry. In addition, Chad supports Republican governors across the country who have refused to opt-into the expansion of Medicaid.

Potential Democrat rivals Rep. Mark Pocan and Rep. Kelda Roys have voiced their opposition to Governor Walker's decision, and are willing to force a tax increase on middle-class families for the immediate implementation of Obamacare.

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