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Reed Points to Amtrak Food Service as Example of Waste; Amtrak Lost $84.5 Million in Food and Beverage Service Last Year

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Congressman Tom Reed is highlighting the recent findings from the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee which reveal that Amtrak lost $84.5 million on its food and beverage service last year. "Hardworking American taxpayers are subsidizing this outrageous loss," Reed said. "This is just another example of how when the government gets involved in operations, cost-effectiveness and common sense go right out of the window."

The committee found that it costs Amtrak more than $16.00 to make a cheeseburger that it sells for $9.50 and it pays $3.40 for soda which it sells for $2.00. "Any business that sold products for less than it costs to purchase or produce them won't be in business for very long," Reed observed. "Government operations simply are not conscious of cost. At a time when Washington squeezes too much out of taxpayers' wallets, this blatant mismanagement and disregard for millions of taxpayer dollars is very frustrating."

Six months ago, Reed began an initiative to keep a spotlight on taxpayer dollars being frittered away without accountability by federal agencies. The program has highlighted more than $14,769,406,000 of wasteful spending thus far.

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