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MSNBC "Hardball with Chris Matthews" - Transcript


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Elizabeth Warren, running for the United States Senate up in Massachusetts.
With me now is Steve Israel, the congressman from New York and chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign.

I`ve been waiting forward to you, sir, all night long, because I know you`ve figured this thing out, Steve, and I want to hear this. Now hear this, your view -- what is the voice of response to the pick of Paul Ryan by your side?

REP. STEVE ISRAEL (D), NEW YORK: Well, you`ve got these Republicans who have been Harry Houdinis all over the country, trying to extricate themselves from the ropes of the Ryan budget which ends Medicare in order to fund tax cuts for millionaires. We`re not going to let them get away with it.

Chris, when they put their voting cards in and voted yes to end Medicare, to fund tax cuts for millionaires, they sealed their fate.

MATTHEWS: Let me show you the ad that I have to like the most in this campaign. It`s an ad that has a familiar look to it. Let`s take a look at the granny off the cliff ad for a second.


MATTHEWS: I assume the people who put that ad on use add dummy to throw grandma off the cliff, they didn`t actually throw that actor off the cliff, the older actor, or at least the one looking old.

This ad basically makes the point that we`re going into a society if the Republicans win with Ryan, that basically make sure we don`t waste any money on people who need money and we make sure people who get rich have a little more incentive to be rich. This is an amazing -- I mean, I read "Fountain Head" growing up. I know it was a nice story.

But here is a party that believes this stuff. Incentivize the rich, screw the poor, and screw older people who don`t have much to defend themselves with. It is true. It`s not just party rhetoric. It is true.

ISRAEL: No, no. Look, a budget is a statement of our priorities and values. The Ryan budget statement is if you`re a senior system, we end the Medicare benefit for you and it costs you up to an additional $6,300. But if you`re a millionaire, you get a bigger tax cut. That ad reflects what the Ryan budget is all about. If you`re rich, we take care of you. If you`re poor, off the cliff.

MATTHEWS: What I would do with you, and you`re an expert, but as an amateur I used to work in your business in politics, I would give every member of Congress who is running, every challengers running on your side, get them all the phone and sing the words together. Get used to singing in unison -- they`re out to get rid of Medicare. They`re giving all the money to the rich. Say that every minute of your life.

ISRAEL: We`ve done it. We`ve done it, Chris. We`ve done it.In fact, we had a conference call with our candidates and told them, what you need to do is focus on the following three issues in alphabetical order and order of priority -- Medicare, Medicare and Medicare. That`s what this election is going to be about. It`s not cutting Medicare to fund tax cuts for millionaires. That`s why there are more seats in play.

Mitt Romney just became the latest majority maker.

MATTHEWS: OK. Thank you.


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