Cutting Medicare to Pay for Obamacare is Not an "Achievement"


By:  Paul Ryan
Date: Aug. 16, 2012
Location: Unknown

President Obama has run out of ideas. That's why his campaign is based on frustration and anger. That's why he's not coming with new ideas.

He's giving us more of the same and he's going to resort to distortion. He's going to resort to fear and smear.

The President was talking about Medicare yesterday. I'm excited about this. This is a debate we want to have. This is a debate we need to have. And this is a debate we we're going to win.

What he probably did not mention yesterday is that when passed his signature healthcare achievement, Obamacare, he raided $716 billion from Medicare paid for Obamacare. This will lead to fewer services for seniors.

President Obama's campaign calls this an achievement. You think raiding Medicare to pay for Obamacare is an achievement? Neither do I.

Next time you get your pay stub, take a look at the line that says payroll taxes, FICA. Those payroll taxes that come out of our paychecks are designed for two programs and two programs alone: Medicare and Social Security. But now, because of Obamacare, it's funding Obamacare as well.

It's wrong.

The president knows this. He can't defend this. And that's the problem. He can't defend his record. He didn't change his tune, he didn't compromise, he didn't reach across the aisle, and that's why he's running this kind of campaign of frustration and anger.

This election presents so many clear contrasts. One of those contrasts is this: Mitt Romney and I will protect and strengthen Medicare, leave it intact for our current seniors, and save it for the next generation.

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